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A Brutal State of Affairs: The rise and fall of Rhodesia - Henrik Ellert & Dennis Anderson

  Why did Rhodesians fight so desperately to hold on to Rhodes’s legacy?

A Brutal State of Affairs analyses the transition from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe and challenges Rhodesian mythology. The story of the BSAP, where white and black officers were forced into a situation, not of their own making, is critically examined. The liberation war in Rhodesia might never have happened but for the ascendency of the Rhodesian Front, prevailing racist attitudes, and the rise of white nationalists who thought their cause just. 


Trapped - Valerie Tagwira

 Valerie Tagwira has a gift for capturing the mood of a social or political moment: its concerns, unease, compromises and hopes. So it is with her second novel, Trapped. Trapped explores the lives of three characters: Unesu is a doctor, Cashleen trained as a journalist and Delta qualified as a chemical engineer. Unesu is employed, but his work exposes him to the deficiencies in the system every day as he faces the challenges of life and death.

Each of the two young women, good friends, daunted by having their job applications repeatedly rejected, make moral and ethical compromises in order to find work or at least an income that will pay their bills. 


The Army and Politics in Zimbabwe: Mujuru, the Liberation Fighter and Kingmaker - Blessing Miles Tendi

 'This is the book everyone interested in Zimbabwean political history has been waiting for. Its biographical lens provides unique new insight into the ruling party and military. Moving from Mugabe's rise to power in Mozambique, through the ceasefire, army integration and persecution of ZIPRA cadres in the early 1980s, to the bitter succession struggle of the 2000s, it reveals the workings of the deep state against Mugabe's adversaries.' JoAnn McGregor, University of Sussex
'Tendi's General Solomon Mujuru is an energetic, believable, Zimbabwean freedom fighter, post-independence politician, and eventual antagonist of President Robert Mugabe's despotism.


Township Girls: The Cross-over Generation compiled - Nomsa Mwamuka, Farai Mpisaunga-Mpofu and Wadzanai Garwe

 Township Girls compiled by Nomsa Mwamuka, Farai Mpisaunga Mpofu and Wadzanai Garwe .

This collection comprises the stories of women who grew up in two countries, Rhodesia, prior to Independence and Zimbabwe post-1980. The contributors reflect on their childhoods with refreshing candour. Many of their memories retain the crystalline clarity of childhood and thus provide insights into worlds that have often remained unexplored. Behind these women stood dedicated, hard-working parents – often teachers, nurses or businessmen and women – determined that their children succeed through education.


Windows into Zimbabwe compiled, annotated and introduced by Franziska Kramer and Jürgen Kramer

Over the past fifteen years, Weaver Press has published seven anthologies of some one hundred short stories giving voice to new and established Zimbabwean writers.

In Windows into Zimbabwe Jürgen and Franziska Kramer have selected from these anthologies twenty-two stories, which they consider the best or most representative of a particular period in the Zimbabwean narrative since 1980. They present the stories within sections which frame certain themes such as Independence, Gukurahundi, Land, Gender Relations, Money Matters, Social Relations, Exile and Resilience.