Journeys Beyond Gubuluwayo to the Gaza, Tonga and Lozi Letters of the Jesuits’ Zambesi Mission 1880–1883 - Edited by R.S Roberts

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The letters of Frs Depelchin and Croonenberghs completes the rendition into English of the original two-volume work in French by the Jesuits of the Zambezi Mission: Trois ans dans I’Afrique Australe published in 1882-3. The first volume, Journey to Gubulawayo, described the missionaries’ journey up from Grahamstown to the Establishment of a mission house near Lobengula’s capital.
This second volume, continues the story of Mission from 1880 and its plans for ambitious expansion beyond Gubulawayo
These plans were over-ambitious and these letters provide a record, in the Missionaries’ own words, of the trials and tribulations they suffered in trying to implement them. In the end fortitude was not enough and the book ends on a note of failure after much loss of life.
Translation from the French by Veronique Wakerley.

ISBN: 9781779220783
2009: pp. 310;148x210