Zephania Phiri's Book of Life



The Man and His Awards The NGS Award Statement, 2006 Mr. Phiri’s National Geographic Society Radio Interview, Washington, D.C., November 6, 2006 “Zephaniah Phiri Honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award” by Mary Witshynsky, Zimbabwe Review, Issue 07/2, May 2007, Britain Zimbabwe Society Elected as an Ashoka Fellow in 1997: “Commitment to Soil and Water: a lesson from Zimbabwe” by Yasmina Zaidman on Changemakers.net (dated March 2000) and extracts from the Ashoka Website; and extracts from an Open Democracy piece “Zimbabwe’s Hope: in memory of Zephaniah Phiri Maseko” by Yasmina Zaidman dated March 2002, which mistakenly reported his demise! The Water Harvester: episodes from the inspired life of Zephaniah Phiri, Mary Witoshynsky (Weaver Press, 2000) Overview and Introduction – Ken Wilson


The Water Management and Agricultural Innovations “The Man Who Farms Water” by Brad Lancaster “Water Harvesting and Soil Conservation”, Zvishavane Water Project, 1995 “Making the Most of Spatial Variation” extract from Hazards and Opportunities book by Ian Scoones A Lifetime’s Record of Innovation and Experimentation: Mr. Phiri’s Water, Soil and Landscape Management Principles as Exemplified on His Own Land, Ken Wilson (with a series of maps and diagrams) “The Water-Harvesting Innovations of Mr. Phiri Maseko, Zimbabwe”, Extract from the International Sustainable Agriculture Extension Manual, 1995 UNISA, Module 3: Sustainable Natural Resource Use, Household Food Security UNISA/SAIDE/W.K. KELLOGG, pages 139-142 Save a Seed and Plant Water (Abstract by Sasa Petejan)

“Editorial viewpoint: making science and technology work for the poor’, Ian Scoones, World Review of Science, Technology and Development, Vol 4, No 2-3, 2007 Influencing Policy Processes for Sustainable Livelihoods: strategies for change, James Keeley (Institute for Development Studies, Brighton, 2001)


Taking His Knowledge to the People through the Zvishavane Water Project “Farmer-based Research and Extension” by Z. Phiri Maseko, Ian Scoones and Ken Wilson, ILEIA, December 1988, Vol 4, No. 4 Project proposals to Oxfam and EEC, 1987 and 1988 “Beating the Drought”, Oxfam Project News Briefing, November 1987 “Beating the Drought: Zvishavane Water Resource Development and Management Project, Zimbabwe” from Oxfam’s Move Against Poverty, 1987 “An Old Man Like Me”, Oxfam Progress Report, July 1988 World Development Movement Program for Mr. Phiri’s Visit as part of the North-South Interdependence campaign with the Council of Europe, July 1988 (including transcript of a radio interview, and report of a meeting) The Z Pack: Zimbabwe, Zvishavane, Zephaniah Phiri, Oxford Oxfam Group, April 1991 A Series of Reports from ZWP Staff and Oxfam field staff on developments at ZWP between 1987 and 1995 Extracts from Mr. Phiri’s Field Notes, 1987


Newspaper and Review Articles (a) Newspaper Articles “A Visit to the Water Harvester” (The Zimbabwean, 14-20 December, 2006), Robin Palmer “Where No Water Goes to Waste” (Sunday News, January 29th, 1995), Sifanele Ndlovu “Zephania Phiri: from simple peasant farmer to number one national hunger fighter”, by Ezekiel Makunike, Sunday Mirror, October 3rd 2004 “The Miracle of Water”, Somerset County Gazette, June 24th, 1988 “Doing Well on Six Acres” The Dorset Evening Echo, Monday July4th, 1988 OTHERS?? (b) Reviews of The Water Harvester The Mangalore & Bangalore Morning Daily, 2001 “Former Detainee Transforms Arid Plot into Bountiful Harvest”, W. Chakanyuka Masvingo Star 17-23 November, 2000
“Listening: books from Zimbabwe” Journal of Southern African Studies, Vol 28(1), 2002 by Professor T.O. Ranger Ezekiel Makunike, review on the Weaver Press Site The New Agriculturalist review (2001-2002) “The Water Harvester” by Slow Food and Terra Madre Stewart Musiwa “Water is Life” in Jesuit Communications, April 2008 Michael Mobbs in the Law Society Journal – The Law Society of New South Wales (Vol. 40, No. 8, October 2002) Review in Spore Magazine Vol 98 (April, 2002) Review in The Financial Gazette, November 02-08th, 2000 by Grace Mutandwa (c) Other Reviews Review of Beating Hunger: The Chivi experience: A community based approach to food security in Zimbabwe, by Kuda Murwira et al., referring specifically to VaPhiri’s contributions.


Testimonies Individuals who have already contributed: Mary Witoshynsky Brad Lancaster Colletah Chitsike Bryn Higgs Ian Scoones (message) Robin Palmer Achim Steiner Munei Chiganangana (poem dated Feb 1995) Irene Staunton and Murray McCartney (Nomination for a PhD, 2010) Ian Scoones (Nomination for the King Baudouin Prize, 2004) Charles Hungwe Cecile (Sam) Jackson Michael Drinkwater Walter Mugove Nyika Still to come: Josphat Mushongah Daniel Ticehurst David Cooper Hopefully many more can and will be collected at and for the event. Other individuals are being located and requested at this time: everyone is invited to contribute.


Photographs From Ken Wilson from 1981 of farm From Ken Wilson from 1986-1988 of farm and projects From Ken Wilson from 1990s of farm and family From Mary Witoshynsky from NGS Award in 2006 From Ian Scoones of family dated 2009 From Murray McCartney, graduation ceremony, 2009 National Geographic Portrait MORE SOUGHT….